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Assistant Director, Hailey Uribe


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Wells' student organizations thrive with the guidance and assistance of our dedicated faculty and staff. Read about Elsie Torres, librarian and advisor to the student group POWER (Praising Our Work, Ethnicity, and Race).

Activities and Leadership

Because of the relatively small size of the student body, every student who is motivated can take a leadership role in a campus organization. 

Student Activities and Leadership Philosophy

Leadership: Assist students in developing leadership skills.
Collaboration: Teach students to recognize community interdependence.
Global Exposure: Utilize programming to cultivate positive relationships.

At Wells, even as a first-year student, you can obtain a position in student government, serve as an editor on a student publication, have a top role in a theatre/dance event or play on an athletic team. The following is a list of student organizations at Wells:


Clubs made to reflect the scholarly aspect of the college.

  • Film Production Club
  • Green House
  • Pre-Health Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Satisfied Mind Club
  • Society of Physics Students

Community Service & Activism

Clubs designed for the campus awareness of social, local, and international issues.

  • Access for All Abilities
  • Campus Greens
  • Collegiate Cabinet
  • Collegiate 4-H Club
  • Community Service and Activism Board (CSAB)
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Praising Our Work Ethnicity and Race (POWER)
  • Red Cross Club
  • Sexuality and Gender Activists (SAGA)
  • Symposium Club

Literary Publication

Student-run clubs for the purpose of expressing literary talent.

  • Cardinal (yearbook)
  • Chronicle (literary publication)
  • Onyx (newspaper)
  • Sycamore (magazine)


Clubs established for the purpose of providing entertainment for the entire community.

  • Appointed
  • Bell Ringers
  • Burlesque Troupe
  • Chamber Singers
  • Concert Choir
  • Dance Collective
  • Gospel Choir
  • Henry’s VIII
  • Orchestra
  • Prodigy Dance Club
  • Wells College Colorguard
  • Whirligigs

Religious Affiliations

Clubs made to share and educate others about a particular religion while providing a safe space and unity.

  • Faith Share
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)


Clubs designed to include different cultures and backgrounds together to enjoy common interests.

  • Bookworms
  • Chinese Language and Culture Club
  • Filmmentary
  • Japanese Cultural Club
  • Knitting, Needlework and other Tatting (KNOT)
  • Outdoor/Climbing Club
  • Paintball Club
  • Programming Board
  • Rugby Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Sugar High (baking club)
  • Tea Time Club
  • Umoja
  • Wells International Student Association (WISA)

Wellness & Engagement

Clubs that address issues and concerns presented on campus.

  • Dream Catalyst
  • Political Activism at Wells
  • Sex Collective
  • Shrug Club
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)
  • Women’s Resource Center (WRC)