Wells to Hold 11th Annual Activism Symposium

03-09-12 - Lectures, discussions, and other sessions will address the theme “We Are the ___%.”

Wells College is pleased to hold the 11th annual campus-wide Activism Symposium, with events taking place throughout the day Friday, March 9, in various locations on campus. The Activism Symposium is a part of the College’s ongoing Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Series; featured guest speakers will join Wells students, faculty and staff in presentations and discussions related to the theme “We Are the ___%.” The day’s events are free and the public is invited to attend.

The Symposium will feature two keynote speakers. Journalist Tim Pool will head a live streaming discussion from the scene at Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Pool has gained recognition as an interactive broadcast journalist; his coverage has been featured on Reuters, MSNBC and Al Jazeera English. He is currently working on “Occumentary,” a full-length documentary that follows OWS participants to other demonstrations around the country. Justin Wedes, member of the OWS media team, will lead a presentation titled “Consensus Decision Making.” Wedes is an organizer with the OWS General Assembly, and he played a role in the movement’s extensive Solidarity Tour, which has been featured on Democracy Now!, the Colbert Report and the Huffington Post.


The full schedule is:

8:30 – 10:30
Stratton lobby


Tabling by student groups, outside activist organizations and Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services Eric Vaughn providing information about activist-minded internships.
9:00 – end of day
Throughout Stratton Hall


Welcome and the History of Activism Symposium by Ethan Beardsley
With a few songs by Wells College a cappella singing groups
9:00 – 9:30
Stratton Lobby


Morning Sessions (A)
9:30 – 10:20

  1. Stratton 209: Emily Mulkerne – “It Gets Better”: A Student Body’s Call for Change
  2. Stratton 102: Turan Sidky – Education Under Fire
  3. Stratton 104: Linda Schwab, Kaitlin Hollrah and Rachel Compton – I’m A Uni
  4. Stratton 304: Paul Feldman – Economics and Politics


Morning Sessions (B)
10:30 – 11:20

  1. Stratton 209: Joseph J. Heath, Esq. – What Fracking Would Do to the Finger Lakes
  2. Stratton 102: Nathan Tankus – What Does Occupy Wall Street Actually Do?: The Alternative Banking Working Group as Case Study
  3. Stratton 104: Aggie Lane – A Personal Journey and Involvement in Environmental Justice on Syracuse’s Southside
  4. Stratton 304: John Adamski – Imagine A Place!


1st Keynote Speaker: Tim Pool: Live Stream Journalism and Occupy Wall Street
11:30 -12:20
Stratton 209


Lunch Break
12:30 – 1:20
Dining Hall


2nd Keynote Speaker: Justin Wedes: Consensus Decision Making: Occupy Wall Street General Assembly
1:30 – 2:20
Stratton 209


Afternoon Sessions (C)
2:30 - 3:20

  1. Stratton 209: Henry James – Occupy, Social Movements and You
  2. Stratton 102: Stevie Nicholl Beberick – Activating the Masses: Mobilization Through the Independent Press
  3. Stratton 104: Kyra Schugt – American Teacher: Film and Discussion
  4. Stratton 304: WRC – For Consenting Adults Only


Afternoon Sessions (D)
3:30 – 4:20

  1. Stratton 209: Wells College Republican Club – CPAC: The State of Modern Conservative Activism
  2. Stratton 102: Heron Simmons – Intersectionality and the Pluralism of the 99%
  3. Stratton 104: Kyra – American Teacher (continued)
  4. Stratton 304: Mark Witmer and Aaron Snow – Fracking: Reality, Perceptions, Solutions

A full schedule of presenters with descriptions of their talks will be available in programs (click for a pdf version) on location. Pre-registration is available at surveymonkey.com/s/activismsymposium. The Symposium will be preceded by a showing of the POV documentary “If a Tree Falls” at 7:00 p.m. March 8; for information about this screening, please visit wells.edu/events/2012/ifatreefalls.aspx. Confirmation of times and locations is recommended on the day of the event.



Laura McClusky, Associate Professor of Sociology, lmcclusky@wells.edu, 315-364-3252; Nicole Pellegrino, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, npellegrino@wells.edu, 315-364-3428