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User Accounts


Each person has two accounts at Wells:

  1. One account is for email with Google Apps
  2. A different one is for the Globe system

UserIDs and passwords for both email and the Global system are distributed through U.S. mail prior to arrival on campus. Please look for it in the welcome packet from the Dean of Students Office.


The Globe

The Globe is a web-based system that allows students to do such things as register for courses, check grades, pay tuition bills, and join community groups. Typically, the userID for this system will be the student's ID number. 



The email system is provided so students can get messages sent to them specific to Wells College. The userID is typically based on first initial, last name. E.g. Sam W. Jones, expecting to graduate in 2015, would have an email userID of sjones. However, there are exceptions to this. For example, Sally Jones could not have that same ID, so the name may instead be spelled out as 'sally.jones' A directory of all student email addresses is available on the Globe.


For Help With Email and The Globe

Please contact us at