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(877) 392-5614
for support.

ResNet by Apogee

Apogee LogoWells has partnered with Apogee, the leader in campus residential networks, to provide high speed, reliable wireless and wired Internet connectivity throughout our residence halls.

Apogee's wireless coverage includes all student rooms as well as all public spaces in Main, Weld, Leach, Dodge, and Glen Park. Apogee also provides seamless wireless coverage throughout the Library.

Apogee provides 24/7 support at (877) 392-5614. Call Apogee's toll-free number for all problems and questions concerning wireless and wired connectivity. Most problems can be resolved over the phone. If a problem cannot be resolved over the phone Apogee will schedule a visit by a technician. 


Getting Connected to ResNet

  • The first time you use your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) in your residence hall, either by wireless or by plugging into an Ethernet port, you will be redirected to Apogee's sign-in page.
  • On the sign-in page press the "I'm ready.... Create my account!" button and walk through the steps necessary to set up a new account. You will only need to do this once. Make careful note of the username you choose and the password you are assigned.
  • Login with your new password. You are on ResNet.

ResNet Support

  • For any problem with your Internet connection, either wireless or wired, call Apogee's 24/7 support center at (877) 392-5614.

Apogee Resources

  • Get Connected Guide

Note that at Wells you will not need to point your browser to to get started, as stated in the guide. You will be redirected automatically to the appropriate login screen.


Wired Connections

Wallplate for Ethernet and telephoneIn addition to WiFi, each student in the residence halls has an Ethernet port with a high-speed RJ45 connection.  On most wall plates, the RJ-45 Ethernet jack will be orange. Rooms with more than one occupant will either have multiple wall plates or multiple jacks on the same wall plate. On most wall plates, you will see a white jack to the right. That jack is for telephone service.