General information

315.364.3266 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Mailing address

Wells College, 170 Main St., Aurora, NY 13026





Tracie Adams-Smith


Service Building; 315.364.3318


Karl Alexander

Lecturer in History

Macmillan 107A; 315.364.3336


Nicomedes Alonso

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Macmillan 106; 315.364.3214


Nancy Ayers


Facility Services; 315.364.3318


B                                                      top


Nancy Baildon

Administrative Assistant for Admissions and Financial Aid

Pettibone 101; 315.364.3264


Christopher Bailey

Professor of Chemistry

Stratton 219; 315.364.3286


Tracy Barnhart

Manager of Mail Delivery Services

Main 101; 315.364.3371



Edward Beck

Educational Technology Coordinator

Macmillan 206; 315.364.3297


Randy Bench

Maintenance Mechanic - Plumber

Facilities Office; 315.364.3203


Helen Bergamo

Art Curator

Morgan 22A; 315.364.3309


Christopher Bily

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

Macmillan 312; 315.364.3219


Michael Bixler

Lecturer in Book Arts

Morgan 6; 315.364.3420


Amberly Blank


Service Building; 315.364.3318


Kristy Blake-Hodek

Assistant Professor of Biology

Stratton Hall 202; 315.364.3269


Donald "Wayne" Brewer

Lecturer in Criminal Justice

Cleveland 201; 315.364.3301


Kevin Brezee

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Brian Brown
Director of Facilities Operations and Services

Service Building; 315.364.3207


Kelly Brown
Assistant to the Office of Advancement

Pettibone 2nd Floor; 315.364.3200


Marian Brown
Director, Center for Sustainability and the Environment

Zabriskie 213; 315.364.3304


Max Buckholtz
Lecturer in Music

Barler 115; 315.364.3281


Don Bunn

Grounds Worker

Service Building; 315.364.3203


Laura Burns

Director of Financial Aid

Macmillan 224; 315.364.3289


Hallett Burrall

Director of Leadership and Planned Giving

Pettibone 204; 315.364.3414


Catherine Burroughs

Professor of English

Ruth and Albert Koch Professor of Humanities

Macmillan 319; 315.364.3247


Emily Burt

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Main 104; 315.364.3426


Lindsay Burwell

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Stratton 301; 315.364.3268


Jim Button

Working Grounds Foreman

Service Building; 315.364.3203




Laura Campbell

Lecturer in Music

Barler 115; 315.364.3281


Jacob Clark

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Bailey Colvin

Lecturer in Italian

Cleveland 201; 315.364.3301


Alan Connors

Transportation Assistant

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3321


John Cook

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach



Timothy Collier

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Jessica Corter

Advancement Assistant

Pettibone 203; 315.364.3221


Melanie Cullen

Assistant Registrar

Macmillan 202; 315.364.3215


Terri Culver

Office Manager, Admissions

Pettibone B1; 315.364.3296


Gerardo Cummings

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Cleveland Hall 211; 315.364.3306


D                                                      top


Jack Daniels
Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach

Schwartz Athletic Center


Nancy Daniels
Assistant Cross Country Coach

Schwartz Athletic Center


Sharon Darling

Administrative Assistant to the President and Chief Operating Officer

Macmillan 235; 315.364.3265


Wendy DeBoer
Lecturer in Religion

Macmillan 107B; 315.364.3367


Gehan Dhameeth

Assistant Professor of Business

Zabriskie 201A; 315.364.3239


Ryan Dwyer

Assistant Director of Admissions

Pettibone 307; 315.364.3396


Joseph Dyson

Manager for Voice Communication and Administrative Computing Systems

Macmillan 116; 315.364.3217


E                                                      top


Siouxsie Easter

Associate Professor of Theatre

Phipps Auditorium; 315.364.3232


Angelo Ervolina

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


F                                                      top


Dennis Fairchild

Director of Security

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Jody Feavearyear

Lecturer in Math and Physics

Stratton 207; 315.364.3287


David Foote

Assistant Director of Communications

Macmillan 211; 315.364.3460


Brad Frazier

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Pre-law Advisor

Zabriskie 107; 315.364.3341


Jaclyn Freeland Britt
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Pettibone 103; 315.364.3256


Arthur Fritz


Service Building; 315.364.3203


G                                                      top


Deborah Gagnon

Associate Professor of Psychology

Zabriskie 308; 315.364.3307


Barbara Griffin Galli

Lecturer in Book Arts

Morgan 33; 315.364.3420


Connie Gardner

Director of Residence Life

Main 108; 315.364.3313


Cynthia Garrett

Professor of English

John D. Wilson Presidential Professor

Macmillan 303; 315.364.3250


Richard Gary

Head Men's and Women's Volleyball Coach

Macmillan 314; 315.364.3350


Steven Gelsi

Building Care Manager

Service Building; 315.364.3318


Trish George

Head Men's and Women's Swimming Coach;

Fitness Center and Aquatics Director

Schwartz; 315.364.3413


Robert Giannotta

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Jonathan Gibralter

Macmillan 235; 315.364.3265


Jeanne Goddard

Professor of Dance

Robert D. and Henrietta T. Campbell '12 Professor

Barler 113; 315.364.3213


Michael Gorr

Visiting Professor of Philosophy

Macmillan Hall 104; 315.364.3294


Scott Gross

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Michael Groth

Professor of History

Frances Tarlton Farenthold Presidential Professor

Macmillan 103; 315.364.3302


Tom Gruver

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


  H                                                      top


Lisa Kahaleole Hall

Associate Professor of Women's Studies

Cleveland 202; 315.364.3272


Brook Hart

Admissions Counselor

Pettibone; 315.364.3264


Scott Heinekamp

Professor of Physics

Stratton 302; 315.364.3361


Katrina Heterbring

Head Field Hockey and Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Macmillan 306; 315.364.3249


David Hewitt

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Dan Hill

Juliana James Native American Visiting Scholar

Cayuga SHARE Farm; 315-364-5120


Lisa Hoff

Reference, Instruction and Outreach Librarian

Long Library; 315.364.3354


Cynthia Hogan

Lecturer in Religion

Macmillan 102; 315.364.3278


Tim Holbrook

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Sally Hooper


Facility Services; 315.364.3203


Kevin Hufford

Instructor in Physical Education



Tom Hughes

Lecturer in Biology

Stratton Hall 101; 315.364.3280


Dan Hunt
Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach



James Hyland

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


I                                                      top


Christine Iacobucci

Lecturer in Sociology

Macmillan 104; 315.364.3294


Sara Iszard

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Pettibone 303; 315.364.3381


J                                                      top


Cheryl Jackson

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Carl Johengen

Choir Director

Barler 111; 315.364.3347


Elizabeth Juárez-Cummings
Visiting Lecturer in Spanish

Cleveland 210; 315.364.3305


K                                                      top


Kenneth Kabelac

Electrician's Assistant

Service Building; 315.364.3203


Daniel Kane

Head Men's Soccer Coach;

Interim Athletic Director

Schwartz Athletic Center; 315.364.3310


Richard Kegler

Director, Book Arts Center

Morgan 6; 315.364.3420


Janet Killian


Service Building; 315.364.3318


Kent Klitgaard

Professor of Economics

Patti McGill Peterson Professor of Social Sciences

Macmillan 328B; 315.364.3231


Richard Kloster

Bookstore Manager

Zabriskie First Floor; 315.364.3261


Cynthia Koepp

Professor of History

Chair, Division of Arts and Humanities

Macmillan 105; 315.364.3224


L                                                      top


Charles "Zinc" LaDouce

Admissions Counselor

Macmillan 227; 315.364.3264


Harold "Buzz" Lamson

Lecturer in Computer Science

Macmillan 102; 315.364.3210


Michelle Landers

Coordinator of Corporation and Foundation Relations

Pettibone 309; 315.364.3253


Rita Leduc

Lecturer in Visual Arts

Morgan 21; 315.364.3420


Sara Levy

Assistant Professor of Education

Macmillan Hall 112; 315.364.3211


Rebecca Lewis

Accounting Assistant

Macmillan Hall 218; 315.364.3348


Cheryl Lewkowicz

Lab Manager and EHS Officer

Stratton Hall; 315.364.3440


Christina Limpert

Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies

Macmillan 328A; 315.364.3282


Michael Lindberg

Director of Athletics

Schwartz Center; 315.364.3409


David Longeill

Lecturer in Mathematics

Macmillan 102; 315.364.3210


Theodore Lossowski

Professor of Art

Campbell; 315.364.3344


Mark Lucas

Lecturer in ESL

Cleveland 201; 315.364.3301


Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo

Professor of Political Science

Cleveland 108; 315.364.3220


M                                                      top


Edmund Maassen


Facility Services; 315.364.3203


Heather MacAdam


Community Medical Center; 315.364.3273


Sarah Markowitz

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Zabriskie 208; 315.364.3496


William Marsh

Building Care Technician

Facilities Office; 315.364.3203


David Martin

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Matthew McCabe

Lecturer in Business and Management

Zabriskie 201B; 315.364.3328


Laura McClusky

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Zabriskie 304; 315.364.3252


Debra McCormick

Assistant to Adolescence & Childhood Education

Macmillan 124; 315.364.3238


Michael McGreevey

Vice President for Advancement

Pettibone 211; 315.364.3275


Dennis Merryfield

Lecturer in Business

Macmillan 213; 315.364.3250


Jennifer Michael

Dean of Students

Macmillan 210; 315.364.3312


Kevin Miles

Director of the Susan Wray Sullivan '51 and Pike H. Sullivan Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

Zabriskie 203; 315.364.3270


Marla Miller

Instructor in Physical Education



Mark Minnoe
Horseback Riding Instructor

Horseback Riding Stables


Louis Mitchell
Lecturer in Psychology


Milene Morfei

Professor of Psychology

Ida Dorothea Atkinson Professor

Zabriskie 210; 315.364.3255


Vic Muñoz

Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies

Cleveland 203; 315.364.3248


Rebecca Myers
Lecturer in English

Macmillan 311


Heidi Myers
Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


 N                                                      top


Burton Nadler

Lecturer in Career Counseling

Stratton 304


Terry Newcomb

Chief Operating Officer

Macmillan 235; 315.364.3408


Faherty Nielsen

Lecturer in History

Macmillan 107A; 315.364.3336


Kimberly Nolan

Acquisitions and Resource Manager

Long Library 203; 315.364.3355


Laurie Nolan


Facility Services; 315.364.3318


O                                                      top


Michael O'Brien

Head Women's Basketball Coach, SAAC Advisor, Lecturer in Sport Management

Schwartz Center; 315.364.3421


John O'Connor

Director of Student Activities and Leadership

Main 107; 315.364.3428


Niamh O' Leary

Professor of Environmental Science

Stratton 321; 315.364.3279


Ernie Olson

Professor of Anthropology and Religion

Zabriskie 305; 315.364.3206


William Opperman

Lecturer in American Sign Language

Cleveland 201; 315.364.3301


P                                                      top


Nicole Pellegrino

Director of Academic Advising and Success

Macmillan 200; 315.364.3240


Chris Perkins-Denman


Facility Services; 315.364.3203


Maimouna Harouna Phelan

Lecturer in French

Cleveland 207; 315.364.3487


Peter Philipp
Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3318


Kurt Pipa

Lecturer in Japanese

Cleveland 209; 315.364.3303


Mona Pohen

Lecturer in German

Cleveland Hall 100; 315.364.3462


Melody Ponzi

Macmillan Hall 216; 315.364.3208


Russell Posegate

Lecturer in Music

Barler 112; 315.364.3343


Roy Potter
Van Driver

Service Building; 315.364.3318


Judith Pratt

Lecturer in Theatre

Phipps Auditorium; 315.364.3232


Mara Primmer

Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Macmillan 310; 315.364.3461




Daniel Renfrow

Associate Professor of Sociology

Zabriskie 008; 315.364.3340


Domingo Reyes

Grounds Worker

Facilities Office; 315.364.3203


Richard Rice


Service Building; 315.364.3203


Jeremy Riedl
Lecturer in English

Macmillan 107A; 315.364.3336


Megan Riedl
Assistant Director of Student Success; Writing Center Coordinator

Learning Commons; 315.364.3432


Gregory Robbins

Lecturer in Performing Arts

Macmillan 322; 315.364.3401


Gary Robertson

Instructor in Physical Education



Jenna Rodriguez

Victor Hammer Fellow

Morgan 32; 315.364.3436


Gary Roe

Maintenance Mechanic - Electrician

Facilities Office; 315.364.3203


Kay Roe

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Kenneth Roe

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Ann Rollo

Director of Communications and Marketing

Macmillan 207; 315.364.3235


Lori Rook

Advancement Assistant

Pettibone B1; 315.364.3476


Dan Rosenberg

Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Macmillan 317; 315.364.3228


Debora Ryan

Lecturer in Museum Studies

Morgan 21; 315.364.3420


Erinn Ryen

Lecturer in Business

Zabriskie 201C; 315.364.3244


Annie Ryerson

Assistant Director of Admissions

Pettibone 104; 315.364.3339


S                                                      top


David Salico


Macmillan 218; 315.364.3222


Laura Sanders

Assistant Director of Communications

Macmillan 205; 315.364.3404


Linda Santos

Instructor in Physical Education



George Schaffer

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Christina Schmidt

Assistant Professor of Biology

Stratton 213; 315.364.3473


Jaclyn Schnurr

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Chair, Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Stratton 315; 315.364.3274


Maureen Seaman

Financial Aid Counselor

Macmillan 224; 315.364.3289


Daisuke Sekine

Head Athletic Trainer

Schwartz Athletic Center; 315.364.3411


Cassandra Sessoms

Service Building; 315.364.3318


Christy Sheils

Service Building; 315.364.3318


Pamela Sheradin

Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae/i Relations

Pettibone 201; 315.364.3260


N. André Siamundele

Registrar, Associate Professor of Humanities

Macmillan 204; 315.364.3215


Kelly Siegfried

Database Administrator

Macmillan 118; 315.364.3283


Dana Skinner

IT Helpdesk Specialist

Macmillan 109; 315.364.3417


Matthew Sleezer

Admissions Counselor

Pettibone 307; 315.364.3419


Susan Sloan

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Pettibone 110; 315.364.3264


Elliott Smith
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Zabriskie 209; 315.364.3373


Joe Smith

Grounds Worker

Service Building; 315.364.3203


Patrick Sodums
Admissions Counselor; Student Ambassador Program Coordinator

Pettibone 310; 315.364.3337


Cindy Speaker

Provost and Dean of the College

Macmillan 210; 315.364.3474


Griffin Spencer
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information and Game Day Operations

Schwartz; 315.364.3410


Amy Staples

Director of International Programs

Cleveland 212; 315.364.3258


Thomas Stiadle

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Macmillan 114; 315.364.3212


Dan Sullivan

Head Women's Tennis Coach

Macmillan 316; 315.364.3425


Penny Sutterby

Facilities Office Manager

Service Building; 315.364.3392


T                                                      top


Susan Tabrizi

Associate Professor of Political Science

Chair, Division of Social Sciences

Cleveland Hall 105; 315.364.3472


Susan Talbot

Lecturer in Education; Director of Elementary and Secondary Education

Macmillan 108; 315.364.3246


Jeff Tanner

Service Building; 315.364.3318


Keith Thomas

Instructor in Physical Education



Laura Tomasevich

Assistant Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Stratton 301; 315.364.3268


Amy Torea

Coordinator for Off-Campus Study

Cleveland 200; 315.364.3288


Elsie Torres

Circulation and Reserves Librarian/Facility Management

Long Library 200; 315.364.3351


Winnie Tsang
Lecturer in Art History

Morgan 23A; 315.364.3465


Laurie Turo
Administrative Assistant for Academic & Student Life

Macmillan 210; 315.364.3311


U                                                      top


Muin Uddin

Professor of Economics and Management

Macmillan 324; 315.364.3320


Hailey Uribe

Assistant Director of Student Activities and Coordinator of Residential Programming

Main 103; 315.364.3463


V                                                      top


Kit Van Orman

Manager of Human Resources and Business Services

Macmillan 221; 315.364.3317


Michele Vollmer

Coordinator of Stewardship

Pettibone 210; 315.364.3275


W                                                      top


John Wade

Service Building; 315.364.3203


Nicole Waldschmidt
Lecturer in Psychology

Southern Cayuga High School


Michael Wansor

Lecturer in Business

Stratton Hall


Susan Wansor

Instructor and Field Experience Coordinator in Education

Macmillan 100A; 315.364.3359


Andrew Warren

IT Help Desk Specialist

Macmillan 109; 315.364.3417


Katie Waugh

Assistant Professor of Studio Art

Campbell Fine Arts; 315.364.3237


James Weber

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.8979


Lu Anne Weeks

Manager of Student Accounts

Macmillan 214; 315.364.3205


Elmer Wells

Security Officer

Bellinzoni Building; 315.364.3229


Alicin Welsh

Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services

Long Library Learning Commons; 315.364.3379


Daniel Wentworth

Director of Information Technology

Macmillan 123; 315.364.3327


Elizabeth Wilmot Bishop

Guest Artist in Dance

Phipps 2nd Floor; 315.364.3232 


Gregory Wilson

Van Driver

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3385


Katrina Wilson '93

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Pettibone 303; 315.364.3483


Mark Witmer

Visiting Associate Professor of Biology

Stratton 201; 315.364.3452


Debra Witter-Gamba

Academic and Student Life Secretary

Learning Commons; 315.364.3241


Joe Wojtylko

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Schwartz; 315.364.3479


Robin Worsell

Security Officer

Bellinzoni; 315.364.3229


Y                                                      top


Robert Yager

Stationary Engineer

Service Building; 315.364.3203