T.J. Wissick '15 and Rachel Partington '13 at Internship Poster Session

Poster sessions offer the opportunity to share life-changing hands-on learning experiences with the Wells community.express online content poster session

T.J. Wissick ’15 and Rachel Partington ’13 participate in a poster session in the atrium of Stratton Hall. There were a large number of these posters on display on the first CS&E day, with each student standing by to explain their work and answer questions. T.J. held his internship at The Learning Web in Ithaca, N.Y., a hands-on experiential education and mentoring organization. Rachel, a history major, conducted legal research with the Hon. Renee Forgensi Minarik '80 at the New York State Court of Claims in Rochester, N.Y. for her internship.

Wells students are able to take advantage of a host of opportunities to experience hands-on work in a field of their choice. While experiential learning requirements are also fulfilled frequently through off-campus study in locations and programs around the world, the most frequent means of gaining this relevant experience is through internships tailored for each student individually. Working with faculty at Wells, the College's Experiential Learning and Career Services Director Eric Vaughn, and their on-site sponsor, students find an organization and role that meets their skills and interests.

The work performed by Wells students is often as interesting as it is instructive, and we recognize that it's important to share this work with others. Poster sessions provide the opportunity for faculty to see what their students are accomplishing outside of class, students who may be looking for internships to learn what opportunities are out there, and community members to come together and literally surround themselves with information about educational, practical, hands-on student work.