Thesis Presentation by Page Kienzle ’12

Dozens of students prepared insightful presentations and discussions, the result of countless hours of research and kienzle thesis presentation for cs&e series

This year’s history seniors were especially diligent and involved in the CS&E Series, finding a way to apply their work to the themes of four out of five days. We featured a brief interview with Page Kienzle ’12, history major, on page 20 of the magazine, but here’s a bonus third question!

About how many sources did you end up going through for research? “So far as sources go I read about fifteen books and probably twenty or more articles, interviews, songs, and oral histories. Many were useful in providing a more complete view of the location, era, and people, but were often off topic.”

In addition to her major, Page is a book arts minor, and her work is included in a special gallery with fellow book arts minors Alex Schloop and Constance Wetzel, on display May 14–26.

The senior thesis is a major part of the Wells experience; no matter the major, this capstone project is an undertaking that may define your final year at Wells, help you get into a graduate program, prepare you to take on independent research or writing projects in the professional world, and show you exactly how much you're capable of accomplishing. In addition to presentations, performances, or readings for the community, many seniors are also able to present their work at academic conferences such as the National Conference for Undergraduate Research.