Professor Cynthia Koepp at 300 Miles to Freedom

Professor of history co-coordinated the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Day.professor koepp at 300 miles to freedom


Professor of History Cynthia Koepp introduces the film 300 Miles to Freedom. The documentary follows the route of John W. Jones, who escaped slavery in 1844 and travelled north, settling in Elmira, N.Y. Co-creator Anand Kamalakar, who was present for a question-and-answer session at the end of the screening, has directed, produced and edited films that have won Best Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival and Cinequest Film Festival. He has edited for ABC’s Primetime, NBC’s Dateline, ABC’s 20/20 and the Emmy-nominated ABC special “Brothers in Arms.” He co-founded Trilok Fusion Arts, Inc in 1996, and he has taught courses at Syracuse University, the School of Visual Arts (New York), New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and New School University’s Parsons School of Design.

Wells' recent addition of a major in Film and Media Studies is a reflection of changes in our experience of the world and the the need for these changes to be reflected in higher education. With so much of culture revolving around blockbuster movies as social events, cinema as an art form or storytelling medium, the evolving landscape of televised and online news, and our reliance on communication through or related to digital media, it is important to recognize the influence that film and media have on our world. Wells students can now elect to participate in courses that analyze and consider the many facets of this while learning to use the tools of modern artistic creation, information dissemination, and cultural criticism.

Film and media studies draws on the thinking of a variety of disciplines, including visual arts, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, and women's and gender studies. The program has just been created, but there is already a large interest in the topics of this promising addition to Wells' curriculum.