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Bryant Sanders

Bryant Sanders'12

Stroudsburg, PA, Public Affairs Major; Double Minor in German and Studio Art "I'm inspired by my friends and family who always encourage me to succeed and fight against adversity. At Wells, I've learned that you'll find help when you least expect it..."


The Spanish major at Wells prepares you to live in and appreciate an interconnected world, by linking the study of languages, literatures, and cultures with a required semester of off-campus study.

You will learn how to communicate, work creatively, and appreciate life in a pluralistic world. Studying world languages, cultures, and literatures awakens your intellectual appetite for diverse cultural creations and enables you to project yourself imaginatively into other ways of living in the world. The Spanish major at Wells nurtures the respect for the unique contributions and identities of diverse interconnected cultures and societies. The major also prepares you to enter a growing array of professional careers that reward foreign language competence, cross-cultural experiences, and international perspectives.

The number of courses required is 13 (40 semester hours). At least six of these courses must be at the 300-level or above; and at least one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country is required.

Internships and Study Abroad Opportunities

A variety of internships, in and outside the United States, are available to Spanish majors, and many find internship sites during their study abroad experiences. Wells alumnae/i who are established leaders in their fields often provide internship opportunities for current students. The following is a sample of internships in the Spanish area held by Wells students in recent years:

  • Rural clinics and provincial hospitals, Dominican Republic
  • KBS, Inc. (foreign website development), Plattsburgh, NY
  • International Center, Buffalo, NY
  • Spanish-Speaking Affairs Council, St. Paul, MN

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Co-Curricular Activities

Explore your understanding of a foreign language and show your appreciation of other cultures by becoming involved in campus activities. Below are just a few clubs that might match your interests:

Collegiate (student government)

  • P.O.W.E.R. (Praising Our Work, Ethnicity, and Race)
  • Model United Nations
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Committee on Inclusive and Intercultural Excellence
  • Wells International Students Association (WISA)