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Duncan Lawrence

Duncan Lawrence '11

Middleton, MA, Psychology Major, Economics Minor

"Life is too short to have just a single interest. Plus, the world is constantly changing and evolving. If you don't have an open mind, you're going to be left behind."


The mission of the Wells College psychology major is to provide a solid foundation in the discipline and to help students apply their knowledge of the field toward achieving a sustainable future and just world.

The major aims to develop critical analysis, sound reasoning, and effective oral and written communication in its students. The overarching goal of the major is to help prepare students for global citizenship and contribution through appreciation of the diversity of human experience, participation in experiential learning opportunities, and cultivation of a sense of responsibility for making a positive impact on the world through their understanding of self and others.

The psychology major at Wells College prides itself on the depth and breadth of courses it offers in the areas of counseling and clinical, cognitive, biological, social, and developmental psychology as well as several offerings that are intradisciplinary in nature by drawing from all of these subdisciplinary approaches. Faculty expertise in gender and sexuality studies, cognitive and brain science, health and sport psychology, indigenous studies, environmental sustainability, and child, adolescent, and adult development underlie an unusually rich course offering.

The total number of courses required for the major is 11 (33-36 semester hours). At least six of the courses taken for the major must be at the 300-level or above. No more than one internship may be taken to meet the requirements for the major. A course in statistics and a course in the foundations and methods of psychology are required, as well as a senior year capstone experience.



Wells Psychology faculty includes:

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Internship and Study Abroad

Discover if a career in a helping profession is for you, whether you enjoy working in the public or private sector, and what occupation excites your passion. Wells alums who are established leaders in their fields often provide internship opportunities for current students. The following is a sample of local internships recently held by Wells psychology students:

  • Cayuga Home for Children, Auburn, NY
  • Franziska Racker Centers, Ithaca, NY
  • Lansing Residential Center for Girls, Lansing, NY
  • SAVAR of Cayuga Counseling Services, Auburn, NY
  • Opportunities, Alternatives, Resources (OAR), Ithaca, NY
  • Hillside Children’s Center, Auburn, NY

Our students also gain hands-on experiences beyond the local area, taking advantage of the opportunities in their own hometowns or connections with our broad alum network, and travel everywhere in the world. Learn to understand cultural differences in the approach to academics in Ireland. Discover the impact the Haudenosaunee have had on Central New York. Psychology majors can pursue fascinating programs across the country and around the world. Check out our off-campus study programs.


Career Possibilities

Psychology students from Wells go on to a number of jobs in health care, education, business and human resources, and other fields. Recent graduates are now counseling, performing social work and services, assisting children with disabilities and their families, coordinating clinical work, directing creative arts therapy, teaching at nearly every level, managing and assisting with rehabilitation work, studying law and nursing, and working in many other roles.