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Haniyyah Bashir '14

Queens, NY, undeclared, Education Minor

"The friends I've made here will be sisters for a lifetime."

Pre-professional Programs

A student may decide early in her or his college career that she or he has a particular professional goal and would like to pursue this interest during their years at Wells. There are a number of programs described below that serve this end and offer the possibility of challenging future careers; some will give the student professional certification; others will lead to a second degree in addition to the Wells Bachelor of Arts degree.


Advisor: Brad Frazier, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Wells College is a member of the Northeast Association of Pre-law Advisers and offers counseling to students who wish to pursue the graduate study of law. The pre-law advisers assist students in planning their undergraduate programs, preparing for the LSAT, and completing law school applications. Students intending to prepare for law school may begin working with the advisers in their first year. Special programs held on campus will introduce students to representatives from law schools and to Wells College alumnae/i who have completed law school. Wells College also participates in Law School Day at Cornell University each fall.

The preparation for law school at Wells is based upon the Association of Law Schools' recommendation that a broad liberal arts curriculum best prepares students for the multi-disciplinary study of law. In addition to the student's major area of study, the student is encouraged to participate in the Wells College internship program and gain practical experience in a law-related setting.

Pre-Law 4-Year Plan


Health Professions (including Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and other health professions)
Advisors: TBD

The Wells College Pre-health Advisory Group provides advice to students interested in the health professions. As an adjunct to the regular academic advisor, a member of this group also serves as the student’s individual advisor in all matters related to this career choice.

Medical schools recommend an undergraduate preparation that combines a thorough grounding in science breadth and depth of study in the liberal arts, and a major that matches the interest and aptitude of the student. A course of studies that meets medical and dental school admissions requirements and prepares students for nationally administered admissions examinations normally includes two semesters each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and English. Pre-veterinary study would consist of these 10 courses and also a semester of microbiology and/or biochemistry. Many other health professions schools (e.g. schools of optometry, osteopathy, and chiropractic) have similar requirements.

Wells College sophomores have taken advantage of Early Assurance Programs at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and College of Medicine of the Health Science Center at Syracuse. A student accepted to these programs is guaranteed a place in the medical school’s entering class two years later.

The academic program at Wells includes extensive internship and abundant research opportunities both on and off campus. The combination of academic program, practical experience, and comprehensive individual advising has given Wells students an excellent record in admission to schools in the health professions.

Health Professions 4-Year Plan


Health Professions Globe Page - Information on required courses for medical and veterinary school, health career links, and much more. 


Education Program (including Childhood and Adolescence certification)

The Wells education program is designed to train professional educators for the demands of the 21st century. Wells prepares teachers to have critical understanding of current theory and to be responsive and skilled practitioners. The program at Wells is registered with New York State and accredited by the Regents Accreditation for Teacher Education. Students who complete the program and pass the required New York State examinations qualify for initial New York State Childhood or Adolescence certifications. Click here for more information.


Early Acceptance Program-University of Rochester School of Nursing

The purpose of this program is to facilitate educational and career mobility for students who earn a baccalaureate degree in any major at Wells College and who wish to pursue studies in the Accelerated Masters Program for Non-Nurses at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.