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Shane Puskar

Shane Puskar '14

Concord, NH, Philosophy Major, Sociology Minor

"My mom is my inspiration, so I guess I'm a momma's boy at heart. Whatever you are - a committed athlete, a total book worm, or a momma's boy, you'll find your niche at Wells."


The major in philosophy focuses on developing rigorously critical and creative thinking across a wide range of issues, from the purely theoretical to the specific and practical from such questions as the nature of objectivity to whether meat-eating is morally permissible.

It emphasizes problem-solving, methods for resolving conflicting positions, and cultivation of the moral imagination and expansion of human sympathies. It also advances understanding and appreciation of relationships between the various disciplines and fields of study. It accomplishes these goals by means of a combination of historical, analytical, and synthesizing studies. This kind of philosophical work prepares students for a variety of positions that call for clear, rigorous, creative, and humane analysis and judgment.

Fifteen courses (42-45 semester hours) are needed to complete the major. Six required courses constitute 21 semester hours; students will also take at least five philosophy electives (12-15 semester hours) and three additional electives from supporting fields, chosen in consultation with their advisor (9 semester hours). At least six courses (18 semester hours) must be taken at the 300-level or above.