Global and International Studies

The Global and International Studies Minor examines the complexity of global forces, factors and values, and the structures of the international world.

The program focuses on the issues of the interconnections among individuals, societies, nation-states and non-governmental organizations and their systems, subsystems and the mechanisms in cultural, social, economic and political processes. As a result, students who choose this minor grow to understand the depth and importance of these connections through nuanced class discussions, cooperative hands-on work with their peers, and internship opportunities in professional organizations.


In courses tying together anthropology, political science, history, psychology, and other related topics, students build a framework for examining international events or organizations and forming their own analysis. They graduate with the ability to express this broad knowledge, prepared for a variety of careers in international politics or fieldwork. 


To learn more, contact Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, Professor of Political Science, at, or at 315.364.3220.