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Michaela Clark

Michaela Clark '11

Pulaski, NY, Spanish Major, Secondary Education Minor

"I've studied abroad in the Dominican Republic and spent a summer on scholarship teaching in Zaragoza Spain...I've learned that I'm a lot more independent than I ever thought before."


Both literature and writing are a source of lifelong satisfaction, enabling students to explore their place in the world, and thereby live a richer, fuller, more examined life.

At Wells, we investigate British and American literatures for their historical and cultural significance, for their expression of a writer’s artistic and personal vision, and for the ways literary works relate to our own lives. 

The number of courses required for the major is 15-17 (46-52 semester hours). At least six of these courses must be at the 300-level or above.



Students may use only one creative writing course toward the literature concentration. The student must include in her or his course selections at least one course in American literature (A), at least one course in British literature (B), two courses in earlier literature [before 1800] (E), and at least one course in later literature [after 1800] (L).

Creative Writing

English majors intern with newspapers, magazines, book publishers, museums, libraries, and public relations firms. Wells alumnae who are established leaders in their fields often provide internship opportunities for current students.


Wells English faculty includes:

Read more about our faculty.


The following is a sample of internships recently held by Wells English students:

  • Elle magazine, New York City 

  • HarperCollins Publishing, New York City 

  • New York State Archives, Albany, NY 

  • The Perseus Book Group, New York City 

  • The Rome Observer, Rome, NY 

  • Frick Reference Library, New York City

Want to travel the world and write about your adventures? How about studying the British classics in Bath, England? English majors can pursue fascinating programs across the country and around the world –Check out our off-campus study programs.

Hands-on Learning

Want to see one of your stories published? Enjoy practicing your reporting skills? Wells has student publications and literary organizations that provide out-of-the-classroom and out-of-the-box learning for English majors. Students have the opportunity to write for publication, edit, and meet with many visiting writers and publishers. Below are just a few clubs and activities that might catch your interest:

  • The Onyx (student newspaper) 

  • The Cardinal (yearbook) 

  • Collegiate (student government) 

  • Women’s Resource Center 

  • The Chronicle (literary magazine)
  • Phoenix Literary Society 

  • The Book Arts Center 

  • Visiting Writers Series

What comes next?

As an English major, you’ll learn to analyze and explain individual works while receiving a thorough training in the writing skills necessary for many career paths. Graduates of this program in recent years are now working in law, editing and publishing, marketing and public relations, social work, stage acting, law enforcement, and teaching, and can be found in a variety of graduate school programs such as Cornell University, Mills College, Brown University, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Simmons College, and the Denver Publishing Institute.