alissa toner and dan renfrow


Daniel Renfrow, Associate Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Minor, regularly works with students to find exciting hands-on experiences or original research opportunities. Read more about Professor Renfrow and his students' recent projects

Criminal Justice


As a student in the criminal justice program, you’ll learn the history of the U.S. legal system, policing, the courts and incarceration, and you’ll examine the social, cultural, political and individual-level factors that influence them. Our critical approach complicates the concept of justice, focusing on the ways that our current system can, at times, perpetuate societal inequalities and crimes rates rather than reduce them. And because crime continues to evolve, we’ll explore “new crimes,” such as identity theft and hacking, as well as global issues, such as terrorism and genocide. You’ll also have the opportunity to intern with organizations such as the Suffolk County Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office in Auburn.  


To learn more, contact Daniel Renfrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, at, or at 315.364.3340.