Megan Riedl
Coordinator of Student Achievement
Writing Center Coordinator


disability scholarship panel


"Disability as Diversity" panel discussion for Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Day, November 2013


Disability Disclosure Form
Disclosure of Disabilities Policy
Guidelines for Documentation of a Disability

The Office of Student Achievement

The Office of Student Achievement is the place where Wells College students can get the extra help they need in order to be successful students.

Whether you are struggling or simply want to fine-tune your learning strategies, the Office of Student Achievement can help you develop skills to become the best student you can be! Please email for more information.


Peer Tutors

The Office of Student Achievement coordinates the Peer Tutoring program. Tutors are available free of charge to every Wells student. We have tutors in virtually all subjects and majors. Individual tutoring may be requested, or you can just stop by a study group!


Disability Services

If you need special accommodations because you have a disability, we can help. You are an expert on your own disability. While the college challenges students with disabilities to accept the freedom and responsibility of directing their own lives, we also believe that all students deserve the opportunity to succeed to the best of their abilities. The Coordinator of Student Achievement can help people with disabilities exercise more control over their own education, increase their independence and self-determination and complete degree requirements.
The Office of Student Achievement offers assistance in setting up accommodations that allow students to fully participate in academic pursuits at Wells College.  It is up to students to make their own decisions and to initiate actions that ultimately lead to success and enable them to contribute to, as well as share responsibility in, the Wells College community.


Policy and Procedure

To apply for disability accommodations, fill out the Disability Disclosure form. Then, submit the form and all documentation to the Office of Student Achievement. Please click here for documentation guideline. The Coordinator of Student Achievement will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss reasonable accommodations.


What is a reasonable accommodation?

In the context of higher education, it is easier to define what is not reasonable and assume that if the accommodation needed does not clearly fall under those guidelines, it is probably reasonable! There are three kinds of accommodations that are not considered reasonable: (1) It is not a reasonable accommodation if making the accommodation or allowing participation poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others; (2) It is not a reasonable accommodation if making the accommodation means making a substantial change in an essential element of the curriculum (educational viewpoint) or a substantial alteration in the manner in which you provide your services; and (3) It is not a reasonable accommodation if it poses an undue financial or administrative burden.