Academics at Wells



Dean of the College, Cindy Speaker





The life of the mind begins here.

At Wells College, academics are an adventure for the relentlessly curious and intellectually questing.

You'll never get lost in big, anonymous lecture halls—we don't have any! Instead, we have booklined studies, alcoves and places of reflection where small groups of students gather to meet with professors. You'll participate in spirited discussions on contemporary issues and classical questions, and explore new ideas and their practical applications in today's world. From economics to English literature, your studies in the liberal arts will prepare you to think critically, reason wisely, and act humanely—skills that never become obsolete.

Your classes may be held in a part of the library, a floating classroom on Cayuga Lake, or under the stately shade trees on campus. We also encourage our students to take their education off-campus to build confidence and develop a professional repertoire. Hands-on projects, experiential learning and multiple internships aren’t just encouraged—they’re required.

Here is what to expect from a Wells education:

Majors: You will develop a thorough knowledge of basic principles, methods of inquiry, and current issues in your chosen academic field of study.

Minors: Although it's not required, you may choose to develop an additional focus on another subject entirely -- and declare a minor -- to complement your major.

Hands-on and Applied Learning: From research with faculty, to internships, to your senior capstone project, you can expect your education at Wells to be active and participatory.

Sustainable Community Curriculum: Wells liberal arts curriculum includes a core curriculum that we call Sustainable Community through which you will explore what it means to be a member of interconnected communities.

Unique Programs: While determining your academic experience is in your hands, Wells provides all the tools you need, including a wide range of interdisclplinary programs and partnerships.