Susan Talbot

Director of Elementary and Secondary Education

Instructor in Education

Macmillian 108


Susan Talbot

"Teaching is a true application of the Liberal Arts. To be an excellent teacher, you need a rich knowledge base, a critical attitude, and a devotion to the issues that challenge our world and our students. As a teacher, you have the capacity to make a real difference, one student at a time. It takes tremendous commitment, skill, creativity, and love, but the rewards are great."

Professor Talbot is fascinated by the complexity of the teaching process. She is interested in identifying the attributes of "good" teaching, the manner in which teachers translate passion into the craft of teaching, and the challenges they face in a system that may appear to show little support for intellectual engagement and passion. She also explores the ways teachers begin dispelling the compliant and disinterested attitudes that develop in so many students, and how they can teach for diversity and social justice. The small class size at Wells supports critical dialogue in her classroom, and as a result, allows her to develop close mentoring relationships with her students.


1974 B.S. SUNY Oswego
1980 M.S. Syracuse University

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Teaching
  • The Inclusive Classroom
  • Managing and Motivating Classrooms
  • Elementary Methods: Teaching Math and Science
  • Instructional Strategies in the Secondary Classroom