gehan shanmuganathan

Gehan Shanmuganathan

Assistant Professor of Business

Zabriskie 201A

Gehan Shanmuganathan

"My personal perspective is, in a liberal arts college, to focus on leveraging the application of business principles. So whether a student learns how to write a book, learn a language, put on a stage show or create a nice piece of sculpture—that has to be connected with the external market opportunities."

Dr. Gehan Shanmuganathan, or “Dr. G” as he’s known to his students, has led teams in product management, marketing and sales management, and strategic planning with companies in the U.S. and Sri Lanka; spent time training and interacting with multinational organizations in Austria, Germany, and Italy; and managed his own management consultancy company in New York City. These roles have contributed to a practical understanding of business and management that grounds Gehan’s teaching style in real-world business techniques and cross-cultural organizations.


2003 B.Sc. University of Colombo
2006 M.B.A. University of Cardiff
2012 D.B.A. Jones International University

Select Publications


Shanmuganthan(2005), “Distribution Management” Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Recommended Text

Shanmuganathan (2006), “Study on the Effectiveness of Non-Personal Marketing Communication Strategies of Indigenous Private sector Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to the Improvement of Corporate Brand Equity” Dissertation Submitted for the Degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Shanmuganathan (2009), “Importance of Customer Mindset in Economic Turbulence” Business Journal Chamber of Commerce, Staten Island, New York

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Shanmuganathan (2012), “An Investigation on Consideration of Multicultural Perspectives for Brand Management in Multinational Organizations in the United States”- American Society of Business and Behavioral Science - ISSN 1934-0583: p170-178

Shanmuganathan (2012) “An Empirical Investigation on Effective Leadership for Global Brand Management in Multinational Consumer Banks Operating in the United States with Special Reference to Application of Multicultural Perspectives of Immigrant Employees” – ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing- UMI 3523549

Depoo, T. & Shanmuganathan, G.D. (2013) “Leadership Styles Applied for Global Brand Management of Multinational Organizations in The United States”- Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) Paper ID: 1530003 - Vol 01, Number 02, July 2013

Publications under Peer Review (Works in Progress)

Gagnon, Deborah A., Moore, Gregory M., & Shanmuganathan, Gehan D. (2014) “A Study On The Relationship Between Strategy Awareness And Employee Commitment For Organizational Success.” 

Shanmuganathan, Gehan D. (2014) “An Empirical Investigation On Consideration Of Multicultural Factors Influencing Global Brand Management In Multinational Consumer Banks In The United States.”

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Business
  • Business Strategy
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management for a Small Planet
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • Strategic Marketing and E-commerce
  • Production & Operations Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Corporate Finance