Daniel G. Renfrow

Associate Professor of Sociology
Zabriskie 008

Daniel G. Renfrow

"The role of professor is not to act as gatekeeper of knowledge. My role is to model to students how to ask important questions about our shared human experience, and then how to interrogate these questions in a meaningful way. Sociology becomes a central part of the liberal arts experience because, at its core, it teaches us to think differently about our everyday experiences, forces us to confront the structures that influence our life chances, and challenges us to make enduring social change."

Professor Renfrow has always been intrigued with the unexamined, taken-for-granted rules which shape our everyday lives. His research explores the social psychological underpinnings of inequalities embedded within patriarchal, heteronormative, and anthropocentric practices. His research agenda joins efforts of other scholars committed to the integration of social psychological theories to bridge the micro-macro gap. Social justice and social change are salient concerns in both Professor Renfrow's teaching and scholarship. He is concerned not only with understanding social processes but also with exploring how we may use our social psychological knowledge to interrupt social inequalities where they exist.



1999 B.A. Eastern Kentucky University, Sociology (summa cum laude)
2002 M.A. University of Washington, Sociology
2005 Ph.D. University of Washington, Sociology


Recent Publications

Renfrow, Daniel G. and Elisabeth A. Rollo.* 2014. "Sexting on Campus: Managing Perceived Risks and Neutralizing Behaviors." Deviant Behavior 35(11).

Renfrow, Daniel G. and Dylan Bruce.* 2014. "Premarital Sex."Encyclopedia of Social Deviance. Edited by Craig Forsyth and Heith Copes. NY: Sage.

Howard, Judith A. and Daniel G. Renfrow. 2014. "Intersectionality." Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality. Edited by Jane McLeod, Edward Lawler, and Michael Schwalbe. NY: Springer.

Renfrow, Daniel G. and Judith A. Howard. 2013. "Social Psychology of Gender and Race."  Handbook of Social Psychology Edited by John D. DeLamater and Amanda Ward. NY: Springer.

Hollander, Jocelyn A., Daniel G. Renfrow, and Judith A. Howard. 2011. Gendered Situations, Gendered Selves: A Gender Lens on Social Psychology. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Manuscripts in Progress

Kosier, Rebekah A.* and Daniel G. Renfrow.  “Queering Fat Bodies,   Regulating Teen Desire in ABC Family’s Huge.” Under review.

Renfrow, Daniel G., Terrence L. Wissick, Jr.,* and Christopher M. Guard.* “’Harmless Celebration’ or ‘Dangerous Situation?’: (Re)Defining the Situation When Fans Rush the Field.” Under review.

Renfrow, Daniel G., Alissa V. Toner,* Valerie A. Provenza,* and Leslie C. Green.* "Lifters, Regular Guys, and Gym Bros: Managing Masculinities Through Discursive and Behavioral Distancing”

*Wells College student/alumnus


Courses Taught

  • Principles of Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Social Problems
  • Humans, Animals, and Interaction
  • Criminology
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Families and Intimate Relationships
  • Senior Research Seminar
  • First Year Writing Seminar: Beyond the Celluloid Closet
  • Tutorial: Sociology of the Paranormal