Right Column

October 2011

Faculty Accomplishments

Katie Baldwin, Victor Hammer Fellow, was awarded a Van Lier / Stein Family Scholarship for 2010-2011 for her commitment to the artistic endeavors in the books arts.  During the year, Katie worked in the Center for Book Arts in New York City, producing a new body of work which is on display at the Center from September 21 to December 3, 2011. (www.centerforbookarts.org)

Katie’s work "The Asian Connection: Art in a Global Age" is on display at the Center for Asian Studies, Asian Arts Gallery, at Towson University, Maryland from September 28 to October 22, 3011.  Curator is Susan Isaacs.


Tracy Brandenburg, Lecturer in Business, was a keynote speaker at the conference "Innovation in Mind" in Lund, Sweden, September 2011. More information is available at www.innovationinmind.se/.
Tracy Brandenburg and Sirietta Simoncini, Lecturer in Business, facilitated a "Designathon" in NYC at the School of Visual Arts on the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility. Participants included: Cisco, Arup, World Bank, American Sustainable Business Council, Hub Bay Area, Catchafire.

The world renowned design and innovation firm, IDEO featured the Wells Innovation Lab on their website. This story highlights the lab's participation in an OpenIDEO project. OpenIDEO is an online platform where people design together for social good.
The story: www.openideo.com/fieldnotes/openideo-team-notes/openideouniversity/.


Catherine Burroughs, Professor of English, has been asked to referee an article for "The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation."


Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, Professor of Political Science, published the following articles:
(1) "China-Africa Relations: A Neo-Imperialism or a Neo-Colonialism? A Reflection," African and Asian Studies 10 (2011)
(2) "Africa and Its Traditional Partners," In Korwa G Adar, Monica K. Juma, Katabaro N Miti (eds), The State of Africa 2010/11: Parameters and Legacies of Governance and Issue Areas, Pretoria, South Africa: Africa Institute of South Africa and London: African Book Collective, 2010
(3) "Reflections on the Principles and Values of Liberal Democracy and International Debt Issues" In Luc Sinjoun (ed.), The Coming African Hour: Dialectics of Opportunities and Constraints, Pretoria, South Africa: Africa Institute of South Africa and London: African Book Collective, 2010.

Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, Professor of Political Science, attended the CODESRIA's Conference on "Two Decades of Democracy in Africa" held in Dakar, Senegal. His presentation was entitled: "African Constitutions, Liberal Democracy and Forms of Governance: Theoretical Interrogation and Policy Implications," held in Dakar, Senegal, on June 20-22, 2011.

Professor Lumumba-Kasongo also participated in the workshop on MoIbrahim Foundation Academic Workshop on its Index, held in Dakar, Senegal, June 23-24. His presentation was entitled: "The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) as a Resource (the Data) and an Instrument of Teaching, Academic and Policy Research." 

Professor Lumumba-Kasongo was invited in July 2011 as Visiting Professor at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria, South Africa, College of Human Sciences. His specific activities included a lecture presentation at the Africa Speaks Forum, seminar series at the department of sociology, and workshop for post-graduate students and staff. The topics he addressed were:
(1) "Africa and the Global Political Economy: Towards the Search for New Developmental Paradigms"
(2) "The Functioning of the Global Political Economy and Africa's Relations with the GlobalNorth and Global South"
(3) "The Role of Liberal Democracy in the Global Political Economy"
(4) "Social Theory"
(5) "Knowledge Production in Africa: Questions of Epistemology and Research for Social Transformation in Africa"


Laura J. McClusky, Associate Professor of Sociology, presented a talk titled "Land of the Free By the Carib Sea: A Program in Three Parts" for the September meeting of the Wells College Faculty Club.

She has also been invited to serve as a discussant for a session on the anthropological study of domestic violence at the 72nd Annual Meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology. These meetings will take place from March 27-31, 2012 at St. Mary's College of Maryland in Baltimore.


Vic Muñoz, Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, presented a paper on “Trans- Women and Lesbian Sexualities” as part of the symposium Sexual Oppression of Women—Social Science and Justice Perspectives and served as chair for the symposium Negotiating Transphobia: Community, Work, and Mental Health Challenges. American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. August 4–5, 2011.

 At the APA Convention, Vic also co-facilitated a Town Hall Meeting on issues facing LGBT psychologists of color. The Town Hall Meeting was co-sponsored by the APA Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns (CLGBTC) and Division 44’s Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity. August 4.


Cindy Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College, Aaron Bouyea, Assistant Athletic Director and Sports Information Director, and Vic Muñoz hosted Master Lacrosse Stick Maker, Alf Jacques (Onondaga, Turtle Clan) on September 15 in the Art Exhibit Room. Alf Jacques presented an interactive workshop on the history, meaning, and the craft of lacrosse as part of the weeklong Peachtown Native American Festival at Wells College.

Vic participated in the APA Fall Consolidated Meetings as a member of the CLGBTC in Washington, D.C. September 16–18. www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/committee/index.aspx

Vic's chapter, "Gender/Sovereignty," has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming book Transfeminist Perspectives: Gender Practice Within and Beyond Gender Studies, edited by Anne Enke, Temple University Press, May 2012.

Vic served as chair, for the fourth consecutive year, of the committee that selects the recipient(s) of the Women of Color Psychologies Award, an annual award given by the Association for Women in Psychology.