October 2010

Faculty Accomplishments

Bruce Bennett, Professor of English, has four poems in the Fall 2010 Tenth Anniversary Issue of The Healing Muse. Professor Bennett read his poems at the publication party for the new Healing Muse issue at SUNY Upstate Medical Center on October 13th, 2010.


Laura Campbell, Instructor of Music, performed as a member of The Grassroots Festival Orchestra at the "Grassroots Festival" in Trumansburg, N.Y. in July. She also participated in the "Ithaca Porch Music Festival" in Ithaca, N.Y. on September 12, performing in a chamber music ensemble for the Ithaca Music Club. On October 2, Ms. Campbell performed as a member of the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes on a concert at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, N.Y. On October 3, she also performed for the inauguration of the new college president at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y. as principal flutist with the Colgate Symphony Orchestra.


Bryan Duff, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education, had two "roundtable" proposals accepted for the annual fall conference of the New York State Association of Teacher Educators. In one roundtable, Bryan and Dan Speciale '10 will lead a discussion on how small liberal arts colleges can leverage their strengths and skillfully "hide" their weaknesses in order to teach aspiring educators to teach inclusively (i.e., teaching all students, including those with special needs, in the general education classroom).
In another, Bryan and a colleague from Cazenovia College will lead a discussion of the challenges of preparing secondary-level educators for inclusive practice.


Siouxsie Easter, Assistant Professor of Theatre, directed the new play "Trust," by William Duncan, at the Morgan Opera House on October 2nd and 3rd. The play highlighted the historical battle between journalist Ida Tarbell and oil king John D. Rockefeller.


William Ganis, Associate Professor of Art History, had an article and a review published in issue number 120 of Glass: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly, a publication for which he is a contributing editor. ³Articulation" is an article regarding figurative and socially-conscious glass sculptures by Oben Abright, a Bay-area artist. He reviewed the work of Stan Gaz who showed his photo-vitreo-conceptual sculptures in the Michael Mazzeo Gallery's "Burning Desire" exhibition.

Dr. Ganis had his paper, "Blessed Bits: Affective Identification with Martyrs, Suffering and Spirituality in Bill Viola¹s Digital Installations" accepted to the Religion and Spirituality in Society conference to take place in Chicago, in February, 2011. His paper will be delivered as a part of the panel, "Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Martyrdom and Gender in Contemporary Visual Culture."

Because of his work on seriality in art, he was invited to participate in a symposium on narratives, serials and sequels in literature for young people, to take place in June 2011, at the University of Winnipeg in Canada.


Kent Klitgaard, Professor of Economics, attended the 63rd Annual convention of the New York State Economics Association in Rochester, NY September 24-25, 2010. there he:

--Delivered a paper entitled "Macroeconomic Policy and Institutional change in the Age of Limits to Growth.

--Chaired the Session on Modern Macroeconomic Issues

--Served as discussant for William Ganley's paper on "the Fed, the Panic of 2008 and History."


Sarah Markowitz, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology had her paper with co-author Shawn Arent, The Exercise and Affect Relationship: Evidence for the Dual-Mode Model and a Modified Opponent Process Theory, published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 32, Issue 5.


Laura McClusky, Associate Professor of Sociology, was honored with the New York State Sociological Association Award for Professional Commitment, Excellence and Distinguished Service at the 58th annual meetings of the Association on October 2.


Leslie Miller-Bernal, Provost and Dean, gave the 2010 Ruth Gluck Memorial Lecture at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, on October 15, 2010, as part of their yearlong celebration of the 40th anniversary of becoming a coeducational college. The title of Dean Miller-Bernal's talk was "Coeducation: The Elusive Goal of Educational Equality."


Thomas Vawter, Professor of Biology--type-cast as John D. Rockefeller's tippling, incompetent brother--served in October, 2010, under the able direction of Siouxsie Easter, Assistant Professor of Theatre in the Morgan Opera House production of the new play "Trust", by William Duncan.  Profs. Heinekamp, Olsen and Clugston and Trustee Steve Zabriskie also played.