December 2009

Faculty Accomplishments

David Dannenfelser, Lecturer in English. Professor Dannenfelser’s short play, Bicycle Boy will be featured as a part of a play festival being presented at Rutgers University, December 8-13, 2009.


Siouxsie Grady, Assistant Professor of Theatre, recently directed the premiere of Michael Vukadinovich's "Trog and Clay" at the Morgan Opera House. The play featured seven Wells College students and Professor Ernie Olson.


Michael GrothProfessor of History, delivered a paper entitled, "Abolitionism, Protest, and Black Identity in the Mid-Hudson Valley" at the 2009 Researching New York Conference held at SUNY Albany November 19-20, 2009. Professor Groth also presented a lecture on the late nineteenth-century Populist Movement at the November meeting of Good Shepherd Catholic Community Men's Club in Union Springs.


Tukumbi Lumumba-KasongoProfessor of Political Science, attended the 2009 Annual Conference of CODESRIA Journal Editors. The theme of the Conference was: "CODESRIA Journals as Forums for Scholarly Debates informed by and relevant to African Realities;" It was held on November 10-12, 2009 in Dakar, Senegal.

Professor Lumumba-Kasongo attended the World Congress of the International Political Science Association which was held in Santiago, de Chile, on July 12-17, 2009; Paper presented was: "Dialectics of State-Societal Contestation in Liberal Democracy in Africa: A Reflection on Electoral Processes and Constitutional Amendments." 

Professor Lumumba-Kasongo served as chair of the panel entitled:  "Discontent with Global Capitalism: Globalization as an Ideology"; and also served as discussant on another panel on: "Discontent with Global Capitalism: Another World is Possible"!


Anne Lundquist, Dean of Students, conducted a webinar entitled "Assessing Living Learning Communities" on November 3, 2009 for Academic Impressions. The webinar was attended by over 50 campuses.


Laura Purdy, Professor of Philosophy, published an article entitled "Assisted Reproduction, Prenatal Testing, and Sex Selection" in the 2nd edition of A Companion to Bioethics, ed. Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer, in the Blackwell Companions to Philosophy series (2009). This was an updating of her article in the first edition, and with the addition of a section on sex selection.