April 2007

Faculty Accomplishments

BRUCE BENNETT’s villanelle, "For Millicent and Giovanni, Who are Going to Need a Bed," was a finalist in the prairie Home Companion "Spring Lyric" contest and was read on the show by Garrison Keillor on March 31 and April 1. As part of the WSKG’s recognition of National Poetry Month, a portion of an interview with Professor Bennett, recorded in September 2004, aired in an "audio anthology" on OFF THE PAGE on April 3.


CATHERINE BURROUGHS has been invited to be an external assessor for a promotion review at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her book, Women in British Romantic Theatre: Drama, Performance and Society, 1790-1840 (2000), has just been re-published in paperback by Cambridge University Press.


BEATRICE FARNSWORTH chaired a Russian history session at the Middle Atlantic Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies held at the Harriman Institute of Columbia University on March 31, 2007 in New York city.


PILAR GREENWOOD presented a paper entitled, "Dictadores novelistas y dramaturgos: Crítica y conciencia histórico-política entre los dominicanos ("Dictators, Novelists, and Playwrights: Critical and Historical Consciousness among Dominicans), a the VI Internacional Congreso of Hispanic Literaturas celebrated in Cancún, México, from March 7-9, 2007. Her paper was part of a panel discussing the role of Latin American writers in shaping political and historical consciousness in post-dictatorship periods.


LAURA J. MCCLUSKY was invited to give a campus-wide talk at Nazareth College on March 27. Her talk was titled, "You Studied What?!? Why?!?: Studying Domestic Violence among Maya - Issues and Findings."


LESLIE MILLER-BERNAL'S paper, "Women's Colleges Over Time," was the first in a panel, Women's Colleges Respond to the Challenge of Coeducation, presented at the American Educational Research Association meetings in Chicago. The panel itself was based on Dean Miller-Bernal's recent, co-edited book, Challenged by Coeducation: Women's Colleges Since the 1960s. Since Dean Miller-Bernal was unable to attend the meetings due to a family emergency, one of the co-panelists read her paper.


LAURA PURDY’s article, "Genetics and Reproductive Risk: Can Having Children Be Immoral?" was reprinted in the 8th edition of Ronald Munson, Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Medical Ethics, Thomson, 2008. She also gave a presentation entitled, "A Religious Basis for Sexual and Reproductive Ethics?" at the First Annual Vivos Moral Symposium, Vivos, Greece, July 15, 2006.


In March 17, 2007, ANDRE SIAMUNDELE presented a paper on Niiwam (one of the Senegalese Writer Sembene Ousmane's less known text) at the African Literature Association Conference held in West Virginia University.


On March 13 and 20, THOMAS STIADLE gave a total of five science presentations to fifth and eighth grade classes at Southern Cayuga Middle School. With assistance from students, he demonstrated that the density of an object does not determine whether it floats, thus correcting a common student misconception. He continued with an explanation of buoyancy using Newton's Laws of Motion.