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Erinn Ryen
Lecturer in Business 
Wells College Innovation Lab 

Innovation Lab

The Wells Innovation Lab is an active learning space that fosters creative thinking, collaboration, and rapid prototyping of ideas.

The Lab teaches you how to achieve breakthrough solutions to any kind of problem in any field from education to business and medicine.  The new Lab is already receiving national recognition for being the only College to make OpenIDEO, run by the number one innovation firm and inventor of the laptop, IDEO Challenge part of a class assignment.

OpenIDEO is a platform for solving social challenges, and is using Wells to train universities around the world how to teach social innovation.  This past spring, students participated in the challenge "How might we better connect food production and consumption," where students collaborated with OpenIDEOS's global online community and followed the three development phases of inspiration, conception, and evaluation to collectively solve the challenge.

Wells Innovation Lab is also the home of Wells' chapter of Students in Free Enterprise, a business club that develops grassroots solutions to global and societal problems.