Cindy J. Speaker

Provost and Dean of the College


Macmillan 210

Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

Wells College features a strong liberal arts curriculum, combined with opportunities for experiential learning, designed to prepare students for the leadership roles they will assume in all areas of life in the 21st century. The new Susan Wray Sullivan '51 and Pike H. Sullivan Center for Business and Entrepreneurship is an exciting component of preparing students for success.

The innovative Center begins with the tradition of liberal arts; learning emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving. The Center then builds upon a liberal arts education by adding three major tracks: 

  • a revamped and enlarged business curriculum culminating in a business and management major
  • a learning program integrated with traditional liberal arts courses to emphasize values and a commitment to the global community
  • an enhanced integration of education with experiential learning through internships and career development

Eventually, nearly every Wells graduate will wind up in some form of organization after school, whether it is a for-profit venture, a not-for-profit group, or even an organization that they themselves launch. The role of the Center is to assist students in building the skills and developing the discernment to know how and where they most wish to serve society. As such, the Center will offer students the opportunity to explore growing fields like arts administration, “green” businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and hospitality.

No matter the student’s ultimate destination, the Center, with its focus on entrepreneurism, will help equip students to compete and succeed in today’s complex world. And like other programs at Wells, students studying business at Wells will have the benefit of experiential opportunities including internships and semesters abroad.


The Wells College Innovation Lab
The Innovation Lab teaches you how to achieve breakthrough solutions to any kind of problem in any field from education to business and medicine. The new Lab is already receiving national recognition for being the only College to make OpenIDEO, run by the number one innovation firm and inventor of the laptop, IDEO, Challenge part of a class assignment.

OpenIDEO is a platform for solving social challenges, and is using Wells to train universities around the world how to teach social innovation. This past spring, students participated in the challenge "How might we better connect food production and consumption,” where students collaborated with OpenIDEO’s global online community and followed the three development phases of inspiration, conception, and evaluation to collectively solve the challenge.

Recent Internships

Students at Wells who are interested in pursuing careers in the business world have held a wide variety of internships, near and far,  including:                           

  •  Welch Allyn, Skaneateles, N.Y.
  • MacKenzie-Childs, Aurora, N.Y.
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York, N.Y.
  • American Heart Association, Albany, N.Y.
  • Finger Lakes Boating Museum, Penn Yan, N.Y.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston, M.A.
  • Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, G.A.
  • Societe Africaine de Cash Management (SACM) Dakar, Senegal
  • United Way of New York City, New York, N.Y. 

Ten Careers, Ten Years

Wells alumnae and alumni pursue entrepreurial venture and hold interesting positions. Graduate within the past ten years are currently serivng as:

  •  Business Analyst, ITT Industries
  • Marketing Assistant, Cambridge University Press
  • Financial Analyst, Morgan Stanley
  • Owner, Life’s So Sweet Chocolates
  • Internal Auditor, Bank of America Investment Operations
  • Account Executive, Martino Flynn: Advertising, PR, Digital Media
  • Benefit Authorizer, Northeastern Program Service Center
  • Accountant, Estee Lauder
  • Sales Representative, Upstate Wine Co.
  • Command and Control Systems Officer, United States Marine Corps