green handbook


Wells' "Green Handbook" Sustainability website was created by the students of PSY 335: The Psychology of Environmental Sustainability in the fall 2013 semester, expanding on a similar project created in 2012. Content on the page is managed by current Wells students.


The Wells community is committed to adapting campus life to environmentally-friendly behaviors and exploring new ways to practice these principles on campus.

At Wells, we’re aware of the issues facing our environment, and the College places a high premium on supporting the innovations and developments needed to change habits and protect our climate. Students, faculty and staff at Wells all contribute to the College’s sustainability practices.

Wells President Emerita Lisa Marsh Ryerson was one of 665 higher education leaders to sign the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, a pledge to strive for climate neutrality on campus. College faculty and staff members are working to implement the Wells' Climate Action Plan as part of the agreement and lower the College's carbon footprint.

Students and faculty members discuss the challenges and pathways to a more secure future in courses ranging from chemistry and geology to psychology, economics, sociology and philosophy. Additionally, Wells' liberal arts approach to education guarantees that any interested student can take courses in environmental science, no matter what their major.

In the fall 2013 semester, the students of Professor of Psychology Milene Morfei's Psychology of Environmental Sustainability course designed a "Green Handbook" website to serve as an ongoing resource for other students looking to pick up environmentally responsible habits. It also contains resources to demonstrate the need for action and ways to approach the subject when talking with others.

The Green Handbook guide to sustainability was originally a project of the 2012 Psychology of Environmental Sustainability class, and it was unveiled by the students who put it together in a presentation for the community on December 4, 2012. The page will continue to update with new information, research, and tips as a part of the ongoing efforts of Wells College's students.

Wells' Campus Greens environmental club is an active campus group in charge of maintaining the campus garden and organizing events each semester such as stream cleanups, Earth Hour, and other efforts.