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Honorary Trustees

Wells College's Honorary Trustees are:

Anne Harden Babcock '45

Katherine "Kay" Gerwig Bailey '52

John T. Bailey

Anne W. Baker '46

David Barclay

Nancy Barton Barclay '56

Gordon Brummer

Sarah Clark Brummer '56

Gail Fletcher Edwards '57

George Edwards

Jane Demarest Engel '42

Lueza Thirkield Gelb '52

Margery Leinroth Gotshall '45

Suzanne N. Grey '72

Joanne Lowell Johnson '70

Shirley Cox Kearns '54

Stanley Kott

David M. Lascell

Alan Marchisotto

Edward E. Matthews

Marcia Conover Nappi '56

Frank P. Reiche

Janet Taylor Reiche '52

Elizabeth Bowman Rothermel '66

Shirley Schou Bacot Shamel '58

George Slocum

Priscilla Slocum

Virginia Grace Small '50

Susan Wray Sullivan '51

Gail Zabriskie Wilson '60

Henry F. Wood, Jr.