Bryant Sanders

Bryant Sanders'12

Stroudsburg, PA, Public Affairs Major; Double Minor in German and Studio Art "I'm inspired by my friends and family who always encourage me to succeed and fight against adversity. At Wells, I've learned that you'll find help when you least expect it..."


Great minds think differently. At Wells, we value that.

The core principles at Wells? We don't just respect differences, we celebrate them. We believe that when you bring people of all different backgrounds, cultures and experiences together, it fosters an atmosphere for learning and cooperation, for exploring differences and finding commonalities.

One of our core values is inclusive and intercultural excellence. It is a guiding principle that reflects our college-wide commitment to social responsibility and cultural pluralism. We strive to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to live meaningfully and effectively in a global community and interconnected world. You'll see this value reflected in our mission statement, community standards, academic programs, community service initiatives, and in our people—every day.